Florida Drawbridges Inc, doing business as FDI Services.
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Bridge Tenders


1. Operate the drawbridge properly and safely in accordance to regulations of the United States Coast Guard and with the State of Florida statutes.

2. Complete bridge logs and reports – accurately, clearly and neatly

3. Communicate on the radio in a “Polite, courteous and responsive” manor

4. Keep the bridge and bridge tender house in a state of order and cleanliness at all times.

5. Adhere to policies and instructions as given in the FDOT Bridge Operations manual, the bridge specific manual, and supplemental instructions as may be given by your supervisor.

6. Adhere to all company policies and procedures.


1. Corrected vision of 20/40 or better.

2. Be able to distinguish red, amber, and green colors.

3. Must be able to hear normal, and pass a screening test

4. Must be able to climb bridge stairs and ladders

5. Drug free

6. Must be capable of hand cranking and/or removing bridge gate.

7. Must be at least 18 years old.

8. Must be able to walk to the bridge house from designated parking areas (may be lengthy)


1. Must be able to read and comprehend FDOT and US Coast Guard manuals, rules, regulations, and procedures. (Classroom and on-site testing).

2. Must be able to keep logs and records in accordance with FDOT procedures in correct, legible English.

3. Must be able to effectively communicate in English on the VHF marine radio.

4. Must be able to follow instructions.

5. Must be able to perform minor maintenance on structures.

6. After employment, must be able to meet qualification as a trained bridge tender. Tenders working on more than one bridge must be trained on each structure. Training is valid for 12 months for a specific bridge.


1. Work eight-hour shifts.

2. Must be able to stay pass shift if relief does not show up.

3. Get to work on time


•  Ability to identify unsafe conditions and react appropriately

•  Be aware and alert at all times.

•  Ability to stay calm under pressure.

•  Act professionally when faced with disrespectful behavior

For Bridge Tending Jobs please fax resume to: (305) 634-0574