Florida Drawbridges Inc, doing business as FDI Services.
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Emergency Response


Florida Drawbridge brings real-time preparation and experience in responding to natural disasters (such as hurricanes) and man-made catastrophes on our covered structures. In the past we have responded to record setting hurricane years, where we prepared before the event and responded after the event beyond expectations of our customers and responsible governmental agencies. Florida Drawbridge purchases materials and supplies, based on our history of similar events and maintains an inventory of supplies to repair the structures and put them back into services as fast as possible after the event. Our experience in Florida came in the Palm Beach, Monroe and Miami Dade Counties for 6 hurricanes (Charley, Frances, Jeanne, Katrina, Rita and Wilma). During this time, almost 20 bridges from Miami to Fort Pierce were damaged along with most street signals and electricity.

More recently FD worked on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge following a 5.8 earthquake that hit the area. This response included special bridge inspection and a full systems check of the movable structure. This was followed shortly thereafter by Hurricane Irene hitting the area less than a week later. These events have taught us that preparation before the events are key. Bridge preparation, includes traffic gate removals, shutting down power and secure each bridge structure before the storms make landfall.   Then, after the storms passes and even at times with poor or no communications available, Florida Drawbridge responds, per the pre-event plan for its team to meet, assess damage and putts the structures back in services.  Florida Drawbridge is prepared for the more common disasters of hazardous spills, barrier wall hits and traffic accidents. FD has a planned for these occurrences as well with spill kits, containment barriers and temporary wall barriers as they are required.