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Coast Guard regulations
for drawbridges.

Every bridge that does not have a published schedule opens upon request to the bridge made on Channel 9
of your marine radio.

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Sporting & Wildlife


The operator of a vessel towing someone on skies or another aquaplaning device must either have an observer, in addition to the operator, on board who is attendant to the actions of the skier or have and use a wide-angle rearview mirror.

No one may ski or aquaplane between the hours of 1/2 hour past sunset to 1/2 hour before sunrise.

No one may water ski or use another aquaplaning device unless they are wearing a USCG approved type I, II, III or non-inflatable type V personal flotation device. Inflatable PFDs are prohibited.

No one may ski or use another aquaplaning device while impaired by alcohol or other drugs.The operator of a vessel towing a skier may not pull the skier close enough to a fixed object or another vessel that there is risk of collision.


The size of divers-down flags displayed on vessels should be 20 inches by 24 inches, and a stiffener is required to keep the flag unfurled. Dive flags carried on floats may still be 12 by 12. Also, divers-down flags on vessels must be displayed so that the flag's visibility is not obstructed.

Divers shall attempt to stay within 100 feet of the divers-down flag on rivers, inlets and navigation channels. Vessels should stay at least 100 feet away from a divers-down flag.

On all waters other than rivers, inlets or navigation channels, divers must make a reasonable effort to stay within 300 feet of the divers-down flag ; vessel operators must make a reasonable effort to maintain a distance of 300 feet on these waters.

Vessels may approach within 300 feet in open water and 100 feet in rivers, inlets and navigation channels of a divers-down flag only at idle speed; approaching at higher speed is reckless operation.

Divers shall not, except in case of emergency, display the divers-down flag in an area which would constitute a navigational hazard.


Every boater within the State of Florida should be forever mindful of the endangered manatee. One should operate in a prudent manner in and around known manatee habitats and should be cognizant of, and obey, designated manatee zone areas.